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What’s New?
OverExposure launches What’s New? — The Map

OverExposure, a media arts nonprofit, is pleased to announce the launch What’s New, an online interactive exhibition.  Designed and created by Matthew Rezac, the site showcases over 1000 photographs, artist bios, and neighborhoods documented during the 5 year project.  Initiated in 2007 What’s New attempts to present the changes and challenges currently facing neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Twin Cities.

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OverExposure Presents: What’s New? at CO Exhibitions Saturday March 16, 2013

Please join us for OverExposure: What’s New?, a multi-media exhibit featuring over 1020 images by 15 photographers spanning 102 neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. This one night exhibit will take place on Saturday, March 16th with a reception from 7-10pm at CO Exhibitions in Northeast Minneapolis.

What’s New? A 5-year OverExposure project began in 2006, when the board discussed a pattern of emerging social trends: unprecedented urban demographic changes; an expansion in the immigrant and refugee communities; growth in high-density urban living and the devastation of rising home foreclosures. These issues prompted a decision to initiate What’s New?, with the goal to create a photography project that would present neighborhood narratives, increase the public’s understanding of emerging community issues and provide photographers an opportunity to work within local communities. In 2007 a call for artists was made available for photographers to apply to participate in the project.

The exhibit at CO Exhibitions is a culmination of the project’s entire span. The work will be presented in multi-media format through projections as well as physical prints. The exhibition also celebrates the launching of the What’s New? OverExposure website an interactive map which not only enables viewers to select and view photographs by the neighborhood but also spotlights the participating photographers. The reception will also feature live music from Chris Strouth of Paris 1919 and light refreshments, as well as a chance to meet the participating artists and community members.

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Hashtag for the event: #WHATSNEW


What’s New?

Inspired by unprecedented demographic urban changes; an expansion in the immigrant and refugee communities; growth in high density urban living juxtaposed to the devastation of rising home foreclosures, in 2006 the OverExposure board moved to undertake “What’s New” a three year documentary photography project.

With an interest to record the changes and challenges each Twin Cities neighborhood currently face the first phase of the project 10.10.10. began in 2007 with 10 photographers selected to work with 10 community partners. The second phase of the project 32 x 4 began in June 2008 and 4 photographers received grants to partner with 8 organizations and document a total of 32 neighborhoods. 40 x 5, a collection of black and white and color photographs created by 5 photographers in 2009/2010 present 40 Twin Cities neighborhoods for the third and final installation of its “What’s New?”

What’s New uses photography to engage, educate, and broaden views of the changes and challenges of neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

What’s New? Phase 1: 10.10.10

As the first phase of “What’s New” OverExposure provided ten grants to local photographers to work with ten neighborhood organizations during the summer of 2007.

Partnering organizations helped photographers identify neighborhood characteristics, places of interaction, and events and activities that signified changes created by growing diversity. Photographers spent the summer in the neighborhoods where they documented and artistically interpreted these changes.

The roster of participating photographers and neighborhood organizations include:
Michael Dvorak – Jordan Neighborhood, Jose Faine – Corcoran Neighborhood, Dusty Hoskovec – Holland Neighborhood, Chris Kelleher – Bottineau Neighborhood, Erica Meium – Longfellow, James O’Neal – Saint Anthony Park, Melissa Toft – Marcy Holmes, Jared Watsabaugh – Dayton’s Bluff, Angel Wickland – Ventura Village, and Richard Wong – Linden Hills

An exhibition of the work 10.10.10, was held at Augsburg College in Minneapolis from November 7, 2007 through December 2, 2007. In November 2007 using photographs from the show OverExposure and Augsburg College sponsored a public forum entitled: “How Arts Projects Build Community”. An expanded exhibition of 10.10.10. will be on display at the McKnight Foundation from July 16, 2008 – January 16, 2009.

What’s New? Phase 2: 32×4

32 x 4, phase two of “What’s New”, OverExposure’s neighborhood documentary project, began on 6/l/08. Selected from a pool of applicants, Michael Dvorak, Dusty Hoskovec, Sarah Stacke, and Xavier Tavera each received grants to participate on the project.

The 2008 community partners included: Bancroft Neighborhood Association, Harrison Neighborhood Association, Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood Group, and Victory Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis. St. Paul partners include: District 6 Planning Council, Riverview Economic Development Association (REDA), and Sparc.

Each photographer selected six neighborhoods to document and by the end of 2009, 42 neighborhoods had been recorded. A public exhibition of the completed work was presented in 2009 at the Central Library in Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul Travelers.

In conjunction with the Central Library exhibition OverExposure sponsored a community “Using Photography to Engage Community” with Ann Markusen, Humphrey Institute, Elizabeth Glidden, Minneapolis City Councilmember, George Slade Photography Historian; and Xavier Tavera, OverExposure photographer.

What’s New? Phase 3: 40 X 5

40 x 5, a collection of black and white and color photographs present 40 Twin Cities neighborhoods for the third and final installation of its community-based photography project “What’s New?”

Commenced in 2007, “What’s New” uses documentary photography to explore the changing characteristics and demographics of Twin Cities neighborhoods. Commissioned in 2009, photographers Michael Dvorak, David Eberhardt, Dusty Hoskovec, Dick Ott, and Xavier Tavera documented and artistically interpreted the changing characteristics of the 40 Twin Cities neighborhoods. Using a variety of films, formats and shooting styles, 40 x 5 is a complex urban portrait that uses people, events, celebrations, architecture, parks, and industrial sites to define the demographics of Twin Cities neighborhoods. Collectively, the work in 40 x 5 reflects the undeniable impulse of social documentary work and presents a mesmerizing and contemporary view of 40 Twin Cities Metropolitan neighborhoods.

What’s New?: The Final Eight

The Final Eight is a series of photographs that culminates the last phase of “What’s New”, our three year project that presents the changes and challenges of each Metropolitan Twin Cities neighborhood. Showcasing the work of Michael Dvorak and Jared Watsabaugh, these images represent the final eight neighborhoods in our project. Created from July 2010 through June 2011, the work presents the Armatage, Beltrami, CARAG, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Ericcson, Hale/Page, Kenny, Lind-Bohanon, Lowry Hill, Shingle Creek and Wenonah neighborhoods.

What’s New? Phase 1: 10.10.10

What’s New? Phase 2: 32 X 4

What’s New? Phase 3: 40 X 5

What’s New? The Final Eight