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OverExposure sponsors 24 hour photo competition — #MNShutterSpeed for Give MN day 11/14/13


To celebrate GiveMN day (read more about it here) OverExposure is sponsoring a 24 hour, 1 day, live exhibition and photography competition called #MNShutterSpeed to raise awareness and support. Participation is open to all, and we need your help.

On Thursday November 14th, hop on the bus, halt the brakes on your bike, take the light rail or subway, stop in your tracks and take a photo. Take photos that show us your family, friends, community, buildings, landmarks, neighborhoods, restaurants or what you happen to be up to. Then post it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! One winner whose work most embodies the nature of OverExposure work will not only be showcased on the live feed along with all participants, but will receive a signed pigment ink print from OverExposure artist Xavier Tavera.


How do I participate?

Take a photo and post along with the following to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed.


#OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Check out my submission for #OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Check out my submission for #OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Cast your net, tell your friends, spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Visit the GiveMN OverExposure page and spread the word!

OverExposure launches What’s New? — The Map

OverExposure, a media arts nonprofit, is pleased to announce the launch What’s New, an online interactive exhibition.  Designed and created by Matthew Rezac, the site showcases over 1000 photographs, artist bios, and neighborhoods documented during the 5 year project.  Initiated in 2007 What’s New attempts to present the changes and challenges currently facing neighborhoods in the Metropolitan Twin Cities.

Visit the Site!

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 9.38.56 PM Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 9.39.08 PM Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 9.39.33 PM Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 10.06.31 PM

What’s New?

Inspired by unprecedented demographic urban changes; an expansion in the immigrant and refugee communities; growth in high density urban living juxtaposed to the devastation of rising home foreclosures, in 2006 the OverExposure board moved to undertake “What’s New” a three year documentary photography project.

With an interest to record the changes and challenges each Twin Cities neighborhood currently face the first phase of the project 10.10.10. began in 2007 with 10 photographers selected to work with 10 community partners. The second phase of the project 32 x 4 began in June 2008 and 4 photographers received grants to partner with 8 organizations and document a total of 32 neighborhoods. 40 x 5, a collection of black and white and color photographs created by 5 photographers in 2009/2010 present 40 Twin Cities neighborhoods for the third and final installation of its “What’s New?”

What’s New uses photography to engage, educate, and broaden views of the changes and challenges of neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

What’s New? Phase 1: 10.10.10

What’s New? The Final Eight