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Help OverExposure this Thursday 11/13 for GiveMN


Dear friends, collaborators & community,

With little boasting or comparisons to other non profits I write you again this year to make a humble request and ask that you consider donating to OverExposure during GiveMN – Give to the Max Day, the annual giving drive on November 13, 2014.

Our achievements are modest, but hold great promise for the next year. Our website  has been redesigned to be more engaging, user-friendly and act as a platform to showcase past projects as well as inform about opportunities within and outside of the organization. We are truly excited to share this with you.

Next year we hope to build upon this platform and hire a writer to create engaging commentary on contemporary documentary, opportunities for photographers within Minnesota and better utilize our social media channels to promote documentary project and professional opportunities to local photographers. By doing this, we hope to continue to engage our community as well as position ourselves to grow even more in the coming years.

We are dedicated to the rich tradition, power, and deft ability for documentary photography work to insightful narratives about issues that directly impact and affect the Midwest and look forward to continuing this tradition.

Through your support we look to expanded projects and programs that will further enlighten, engage, and inform our viewing public on relevant social issues.

Please mark your calendars for Thursday 11/13/14 and donate to OverExposure

The process is simple:

1) Go to:
2) Schedule a gift by selecting OverExposure and continue the process.

In advance, thank you for your support and your continual support of the organization




Susan Boecher
Executive Director

OverExposure sponsors 24 hour photo competition — #MNShutterSpeed for Give MN day 11/14/13


To celebrate GiveMN day (read more about it here) OverExposure is sponsoring a 24 hour, 1 day, live exhibition and photography competition called #MNShutterSpeed to raise awareness and support. Participation is open to all, and we need your help.

On Thursday November 14th, hop on the bus, halt the brakes on your bike, take the light rail or subway, stop in your tracks and take a photo. Take photos that show us your family, friends, community, buildings, landmarks, neighborhoods, restaurants or what you happen to be up to. Then post it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! One winner whose work most embodies the nature of OverExposure work will not only be showcased on the live feed along with all participants, but will receive a signed pigment ink print from OverExposure artist Xavier Tavera.


How do I participate?

Take a photo and post along with the following to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed.


#OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Check out my submission for #OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Check out my submission for #OverExposure #GiveMN #MNShutterSpeed. Cast your net, tell your friends, spread the word and help a great organization by donating today


Visit the GiveMN OverExposure page and spread the word!